Notes for Students, Tribal Festival

Kachhan Gadi : Dashhara

Importance of the ritual: Dashhara began with the official permission of deity Kachchan. This year a girl called Anuradha in the guise of deity gave permission to the descendent of the royal family e.i. Kamal chand Bhanj Dev. This ritual is performed with a view to run the festival Dashahara unabated. For that, members of… Continue reading Kachhan Gadi : Dashhara

Notes for Students

Bastar Dashhara

DeriGadai another ritual on Bastar Dashhara   I have already discussed how Bastar Dashhara is unique in terms of its celebration. With the worship of tools meant for making chariot another ritual called "DERI GADAI" is over at Bastar in Chhattisgarh. As it is widely known Dashhara celebrated in Bastar has the longest span of celebration.… Continue reading Bastar Dashhara

Notes for Students

Ceremonial Welcome of Deities

Maavali   Parghav: I am talking about another rites of Bastar-Dashhara this is called Maavali   Parghav( Ceremonial welcome of deity Maavali  ) Introduction of Deity Maavali  Deity Maavali is a presiding deity of Malvalya Village in Karnataka that was first brought to Bastar during the reign of Chhindak Naga Dynasty. This dynasty ruled over Bastar in… Continue reading Ceremonial Welcome of Deities