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Outbreak of Dengue

What is the history of Dengue?

With the advent of rain, many diseases crop up and Dengue is one of them. I am talking about the diseases because I have seen reports that published in various leading newspapers across the Bastar. DENG-gey or Dengue has broken out in our region claiming around 40 lives including women and children. The children are more susceptible to the diseases. And the soldiers in our regions are diagnosed DENGUE third stage.

aedes mosquito bite cause Dengue

It is most common in Southeast Asia and the western Pacific islands. The researchers are working to find out its vaccine. But they say prevention is better than cure.

Mild fever turns into a high fever, rash, and muscle and joint pain.

Let’s discuss in detail about dengue and its impact on the human body.

What is Dengue?

It is a kind of mosquito-borne fever that attacks a healthy human body when an infected mosquito called Aedes bites and any four symptoms of the following may occur.

avoid mosquito bite

Well, symptoms can be categorized on the basis of three stages of dengue that include

 Simple fever  with symptoms like

Muscles pain and vomiting, nausea, pain behind the eyes, swollen glands and rash

Most of the people get well within a week or so.

But when the symptoms worsen and can become life-threatening, blood vessels often become damaged and leaky. This cause a severe form of dengue fever called Hemorrhagic fever (DHF) and Dengue Shock Syndrome. (DSS)

Let’s check out the symptoms of the fetal DHF and DSS

The following symptoms are noticed and traced during the fetal type of dengue.

  1. Severe abdominal pain
  2. Persistent vomiting
  3. Bleeding from your gums or nose
  4. Blood in your urine, stools or vomit
  5. Bleeding under the skin, which might look like bruising
  6. Difficult or rapid breathing
  7. Cold or clammy skin (shock)
  8. Fatigue and
  9. Irritability or restlessness

If severe, the dengue fever can damage the lungs, liver or heart. Blood pressure can drop to dangerous levels, causing shock and in some cases death. The dengue virus first spotted in monkeys in Africa and transmitted to human bodies during 100 -800 hundred years ago.

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How does Dengue spread?permethrin

As I said dengue viruses spread by the mosquito-bite that thrives in and near human lodging. When a mosquito bites a person infected with a dengue virus the virus enters into the mosquito and the mosquito transmits the virus to a healthy human body by biting it. It takes four or five days to get fully developed in the human body. In other words, after the fourth day or so man feels the first strike of dengue.

Means you need to avoid being bitten by the mosquitoes.

And don’t create an environment that helps mosquitoes to grow or flourish.

The following tips can help you reduce your risk of mosquito bites.

Reduce mosquito habitat:

  • The mosquitoes that carry the dengue virus typically live in and around houses, breeding in stagnant water that collects in such things as used automobile tires.
  • You can help lower mosquito populations by eliminating habitats where they lay their eggs.
  • At least, once a week, empty and clean containers those hold water for long. They include planting containers, animals’ dishes, and flower vases.
  • Keep the water covered that are being consumed
  • Use mosquito repellent: use or buy clothing made with permethrin already in it.
  • Use protective clothes: wear the clothes in such a way that covered most of your body parts. Do avoid sleeveless outfits.

    mosquito 3

Using all the method you can avoid mosquito bite.

Remember prevention is better than cure.




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