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World Photography Day

“Pick up your camera and find a beautiful location to capture. Just one soft click can capture the everlasting moment of your life.” That’s what the photographers of our region are up to on the World Photography Day that is observed on 19 August. I really didn’t know much about the art but the resolution made by the photographer of my region prompted me to find out a bit about the art.

wild life in bastar
Wildlife (Photo- Abhishek Thakur)

Yes, it’s true while interacting with the photographers here, I got the little hang of it.

Undoubtedly, photography is an art. Not all the people know about the art very well.  Many changes have occurred ever since Frenchmen Loise  Dagere and Joseph Nicephore Niepce Developed the style called Daguerreotype in 1837.

I was told Niepce captured the known permanent photo titled “ view from the window of Le Gras”. He used a process called heliography. Thomas Sutton took the first durable photograph in 1861.

Well, the world photograph days is observed to commemorate the invention of the process of photography called daguerreotype in 1837.

slow shutter
Slow Shutter (Photo -Abhishek Thakur

There are certain features of the process

Since it was very expensive, only the wealthy could afford it.

The process of photographs is on the silvered copper plate.

It is not flexible.

It is fragile and has got a mirror-like surface.

The French government purchased and patented it with an announcement for the invention as “Free to the World.

travel photo
Travel Chitrakot Waterfall (photo –Abhishek Thakur)


I am thankful to the photographer Mr Abhishek Thakur for giving me all the photographs