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I truly believe that it is really good to teach the group of students who are weak at studies but have strong desire to learn something or the other. On the contrary, It is really a  wild-goose chase to teach the group of students who are weak and not willing to study at all. Well, being a teacher I come across both the group simultaneously. Things go bad to worse when the later group keep advising us how “quality’ education can be brought about.  I had a chance to discuss with a scholar who described me how can weak students turn out to be sharp and intelligent. I agree quality education can be brought about even when amenities are not accessible. This write-up is an attempt to what I said

 It was on 22 July when an NGO called “Human Mercy” asked me to attend a program in Kanker in Chhattisgarh meant for the rural students to discuss on English Grammar. Initially, I was bit hesitant and tried to get the things around but in vain. I met with a group of students of std. 9 and 10 and discussed with them as per the schedule they have.

I was told by the concerned authority that they studied in different villages and were educated with the limited sources that were made available to them. Yet, the amount of intelligence and sharpness were far better that that of the students studying in various top-brass schools here in Chhattisgarh. They showed truly unmatched intelligence.

I must say “Hats off to the teachers for making this possible.” I am sure parents of such children were not educated and aware enough to give them what they deserve. I have been told about the students that they are from poor back ground and the government is making every possible effort to impart them a quality education.  I have also been told that their last batch cracked many coveted competitive exams which the students from town dreamt of.

Big credit goes to efforts made by an NGO called PRAYAS which has hit the headlines recently for helping the students of remote villages to crack IITs and other competitive exams. Super 36 of Bihar is another living example of such efforts.

Well, I had the privilege of speaking and addressing such group of children here in Kanker.

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