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Now again the newspapers are replete with advertisements speaking high of educational institutes running across the district. Most of them even claim imparting world class education in the Bastar Division irrespective of the fact they are lacking the pettiest amenities required for an educational institute. Parents also began to switch their wards to the schools of their choice. Doing so, they kept vacillating.

I have spent more than two decades teaching young minds studying top-notch schools and am surprised to know how these institutes could talk big of their approach when they couldn’t even have a basic infrastructure and others who have got the infrastructure couldn’t produce a well-competent student. In spite of studying “big-schools” students studying there fail to gain basic information and the impatient parents curse the students for not paying attention and vice versa.

There may be two reasons for these situation; either the parents are not aware or the schools are not good enough to impart good education to the students.  I am sorry to say that the students studying in top-brass schools for more than ten years are lacking basic knowledge in the subjects. The parents are still sending their children to either metro-city or other schools in other districts for better education.  Irony of the situation is that we have more than five dozens of educational institutes but in vain.  Well –aware parents say-“it’s simply waste of time and money to send any schools in region. While speaking to innovative teachers I began to realize the fact that they are frustrated because of the fall of education-level here.  They say-“Teachers seem to be a fashion icon than a teacher.”

People need to be educated and value of education and knowledge should be restored to the young minds. If it is not so, we will have a dark future ahead.

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