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A Folk Tale

Clever Thieves

This is one of the stories from Panchtatra I like most.

Once, a Pandit got a lamb as bounty and was coming back home. On his way, he was deceived by some of thieves.

Let’s check how they managed to do so.

Pandit: Yea! Finally I”ve got this lamb as bounty. My children woul definetely feel happy. (Thieves on seeing the Pandit on his way: first thieve: “hey! Look the Pandit is carrying our dinner on his shoulder”.

Second thieves: “Wow! Can’t we have it now?

Forth: “com’on let’s grab it. I have an idea to catch the lamb.

(They made a plan to get the lamb)

Mannu at Ganesh Bahar

After sometime the thieves kept appearing before the Pandit one by one. The first thief approached the Pandit and said:-“ Pranam ! Panditji! Where’re you coming from?

Pandit: “I’m coming from my devotee’s house. He has given me this lamb as bounty”.

First thief: LAMB! Where is it? I’m about to ask you. Why are you carrying this donkey on your shoulder?

Pandit: shut up! … you fool! Can’t you see this is a lamb not a donkey? Get out of here! (after a while, the second thief too came to Pandit and said )

Secont thief: Pandit ji Namskar! (Seeing the animal on his shoulder).. My god! Let me know one thing what made you carrying this pig on your shoulder.

Pandit: (angrily) you idiot! Blind! You have gone off your head. Can’t you recognize lamb on my shoulder? You must have taken liquor. Right!

Secont thief: no! I am dead-sure this is a pig not a lamb. Somebody must have made you fool.

 Pandit: no you are a fool!

Second thief: “ ok, as you wish.!

(the Pandit was on his way back home. The third and fourth thieves as they had planned were standing on the way)

Third/ forth thief: see this Pandit the god man carrying dirty dog on his shoulder. He has no sense at all.

Pandit: you guys are rouges, you don’t have manner to speak to the person like me go to hell!

You can’t see this cute lamb on my shoulder. You are jealous of my possession.

Thieves : ok.. Maharaj! It’s yours after all! Do as you wish. We are your well-wishers the animals you are carrying is satanic not a holy one.

Pandit: [speak to himself] “may be, I am wrong. Some things must be fishy. Why does it look everyone a different animal. What to do…?

I would rather leave the place dumping the animal right here, right now! …[and leaving the lamb on the way itself the Pandit ran away]

Translated by Upendra