Hang out with friends

A Day with Friends

Time spent with you will never come back again

I really enjoyed when I joined my pales to visit Ganesh Bahar (one of the picnic spots) near Jagdalpur

We decided to hang out together despite soaring temperature hit in Bastar. It happened after the hiatus of 3 years or so. All of sudden, my pales called me to join on a trip to the very well-known destination called Ganesh Bahar on 9 April, 2017.

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With Manmohan at Ganesh Bahar

Ravi Chakrovarty, Devraj Mohanti, Amit Singh and Manmohan Jha who all once known for their educational shenanigans came together to meet at the common spot.

There was a time when we used to visit together to have little fun in order to provide little respite from the monotonous life. All of us are teacher by the root or nature and expressed deep concerned over the development taking place in today’s educational situation.

Ganesh Bahar