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Can you change one’s mind ?

Here,certain clan of the Brahamin are known to be non vegetarian and leading life in austerity.
dsc02309Here comes a story from my archives which talks about funny phase of the perception. This is entirely based on a folklore prevailing in the region.
It goes like this:
“Among the group of Brahamin there lived a Kshatriya (member of a warrior group) who used to cook non-veg food stuff at home. Wherever the Brahamin would to pass by the Kshatriya’s house the pungent aroma of non-vegetarian food engulfed the locality. This made them impatient
since it was against their religious belief.
They took the case to the king and the king also considered it serious. after thinking couple of minutes, he asked the Brahamin to find a way out of the problem. The Brahamin went back with a thought and came to the conclusion after a few days and advised the King
” Your Highness ! It’s better to convert the Kashatriya into a Brahamin thus he would refrain himself from doing any activities that are forbidden in our clan. The king liked the idea and allowed them to go on with formalities of conversion. The Brahamin sprinkled a few drops of holy water on the Kshatriya and recited few hymns as a part of rituals to change the his religion. These rituals went on for a week or so.
After a few weeks of intensive ritual and rite,  the Kashatriya was considered converted into the Brahamin.
On the very next day, when the Brahamin passed by the converted Brahamin’s house they smelt again the aroma of non-veg food being cooked in his house.  They darted into his house and found him sprinkling holy water on the non-veg food stuff as a part of rituals.
When the group of the Brahamin questioned him he replied” When a Kshatriya can be converted into a Brahamin just by sprinkling holy water in it, why can’t I change the non-veg food stuff into vegetarian food by sprinkling holy water in it.”

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